Painting For A Cause

As a fine artist, Athena Bax’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, but when she was first invited by The True Patriot Love Foundation to create a work of art from a helmet, like the ones that protect Canadian soldiers, she was intrigued. For the last four years, the Foundation has auctioned original works of art created by various artists from these helmets. Athena has been invited to participate since the beginning. A single piece can go for as much as $7,000. The finished product is meant to be a portrayal of the artist’s vision of Canada. The final result honours the sacrifices made by military families. Proceeds go to help support them.
“If you stand still and do what you love, good things happen,” says Bax. “This is such an important cause. Being invited to participate each year has been such an honour. I’m thrilled to support these families through my craft.”